No Boys Allowed!

No running, no yelling, no throwing things, no horse-play!

If Maisie could talk, these are all things we would be hearing from her. We call her the fun police, and she is very vocal when she thinks things are getting out of hand.

Apparently a new phrase to add to her scoldings is “no boys allowed”.

Recently, Winn’s heat started. She tends to be more clingy and needy when she’s in heat so I try to give her the attention she craves. Maisie has also been pretty in tune with Winn’s special time and she dotes on her and snuggles up to her a little more than usual.

On Saturday, we were dog watching my mom’s dog. A few weeks ago she asked me if we would be available and I easily agreed. Chocolate is an 8 year old collie. He is very sweet and everyone gets along perfectly. Whenever he comes by, they all quickly look at each other and settle in like he’s always been around.

Since I haven’t had him around Winn before when she’s been in heat, I was planning on keeping them outside with me under close supervision and if necessary, I would separate them. Winn and Chocolate acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Winn wasn’t flirty and Chocolate didn’t try any funny business. They were happy to be outside, played occasionally with each other and took turns napping in Winn’s favorite dirt hole.

Maisie decided to hang out downstairs with my son. When my son went out for the day, she continued to seclude herself from the rest of us. I assumed she was napping but when I went in to find her, she wouldn’t get up when I called her and if dogs can glare, that’s what she was doing.

Maisie was not acting like her normal, fun loving self. She did join Winn and Chocolate for dinner, but then she disappeared on her own again and wouldn’t come outside. I actually started getting concerned that maybe she was sick. I couldn’t get her to engage with me, she barely looked at me and wasn’t receptive to any affection.

When the time came for Chocolate to go home, Maisie was still nowhere nearby. Shortly after the door closed behind him, she came trotting out from wherever she was hiding.  Within moments, she was wagging her tail, punching Winn in the shoulder and playing chase around the house. That little stinker!

We’ve always said that Maisie is the most emotional and sensitive dog we’ve ever had. Apparently, I really let her down that day by letting Chocolate come over to play. I knew nothing was going to happen to Winn but it was obviously too much for Maisie and she was worried about Winn. She was really trying to send me a message: No boys allowed!fullsizeoutput_2d3d

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