Annies Second Chance

We adopted Annie Jan. 31st 2016.  She was 9 years old and had been rescued, along with 43 other Newfoundlands in December 2014 from a puppy mill. She was in foster care for over a year but still had a lot of emotional rehab to accomplish.  Despite the terrible circumstances from which she was rescued, she is  one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.  Very slowly, she started to trust us and we saw changes in her behavior as she became more comfortable with our family.  I started writing about her progress because the smallest changes were actually very big for her and I didn’t want to forget how far she had come.

Prologue: Lets start at the beginning

1. Meeting Annie

2. Annie comes home

3. Driving Miss Annie

4. Making progress at home

5. Tagging up at home base

6. Annie does the stairs

7. In the kitchen with Annie

8. Back to the vet, which means back in the car

9. Annie goes to college

10. Mother’s Day gifts

11. The narrow hallway

12. The highs and lows, or just lows of internet searches

13. The graduation party

14. Good news and a birthday party

15. A very special greeting

16. Annie goes for a swim

17. In the kitchen with Annie part 2

Dear Annie

Epilogue: Going home again

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Annie!

Oh Happy Day!

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.
—Sidney Jeanne Seward

A few extras just for fun:

My favorite DIY: The doggie shower

Annie’s found her voice

Becoming sisters

“Little Timmy fell down the well!”

Annie’s long, long beautiful tail

music: Feeling Good performed by We McDonald

a shared life with our very large dogs

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