NewfGirlsWeb-33Winn was born March 6, 2017.

She is named in honor of my dad and our favorite place, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We shared so many happy, family memories there for many years.

We brought her home Mother’s Day weekend when she was 10 weeks old.  I never thought we’d be a three dog family, but she has been the perfect addition.  Annie loves her and treats her like she is her own puppy.  They play, they snuggle and they seek each other out.  Maisie is the big sister and with that comes more sisterly behavior.  They get along well, but every now and then there may be a little jealousy or hurt feelings.

At an early age, Winn has already shown a willingness to learn and loves to train.  I look forward to exploring obedience and water work with her.  We will be learning together!


photo by Liz Wallace

a shared life with our very large dogs

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