Going to the Vet in the time of Corona

Because of the Corona Virus we’ve had to put almost everything on hold,  but when it comes to medical care I had to figure out how to do that. In the very first week of our lockdown, I made a trip to the Animal Emergency Hospital and the Emergency Room for humans. Everyone is fine, they were treated for their conditions and sent home to recuperate but the stress level was very high during both of these episodes!

Once the emergencies were behind us, I thought I had done everything right. I made sure that we had two months worth of medications, both animal and human, but eventually those ran out and I had to get refills. Maisie and Chocolate were both overdue for their annual physicals, so I made the decision to make an appointment for all of them and get them taken care of in one big swoop.

I was nervous about taking this on, but I figured “in for penny, in for a pound”. So I headed out, knowing this was going to cost a lot of pennies and loaded over 200 pounds of dog into the car.IMG_4612I received instructions on the new ways of handling the appointments, so I knew what to expect. I’m sure they will vary by office but if you are going to the Vet sometime soon, these changes are probably similar to what you will experience.

  1. I was told to park in a designated area and call when we arrived. After the Dr. explained all of the sterilization procedures they are practicing, we talked about what each dog needed (vaccinations, refills, nail trims etc.).  She asked for the make and model of my car and then sent out two techs to pick up the dogs. I was asked to wear a mask during the transfer and then wait in the car until the appointments were completed.  (It was pouring rain, they were fully covered in masks, gloves and rain gear and Winn was not a fan.)IMG_4614
  2. Once they were inside, their collars and leashes were removed and put in bags with their names on them. Sterilized slip leads were put on and used while they were in the office.
  3. I received a call from their doctor, and she carefully went over her appointment notes for each dog, explaining everything they did and answering all of my questions. It was difficult not being inside to comfort them during their appointments, but I knew they were well taken care of. We’ve been going to this office for over 20 years and have always had very positive relationships with all of the staff.
  4. After going through all of the appointment notes, I was transferred to the front desk to, ahem, settle up. Yes, it was a big bill but I was glad to have it all done at once.
  5. I waited outside, and they were all brought to me. Three bags were set down in front of me containing their leashes, collars, meds and appointment summaries. IMG_4711

So…despite the changes it really wasn’t so bad. Everyone went out of their their way to smile and be friendly (behind their masks) and make the appointments as easy as possible. I have the feeling these protocols will be in place for a while, so many things have changed over the last few months, but it is still possible to safely take care of important appointments to maintain good health.

I’m glad we went, an issue was discovered with Maisie that needs to be addressed. This was something I didn’t want to put off despite my inclination to stay home and I’m hoping for the best. She went back yesterday for a biopsy, so please keep her in your thoughts. She’s such a special girl who brings joy to everyone she meets. IMG_0336I hope you have all been safe, healthy and enjoying being with your pets during this stressful time.


9 thoughts on “Going to the Vet in the time of Corona”

  1. I experienced something similar when I had to take Norman to the ER clinic. So weird compared to BC (before coronavirus). Please know I’m sending oodles of POTP for Miss Maisie. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. 🥰


  2. Sending prayers. Unfortunately I know all too well about going to the regular Vet and Emergency Vet during the crisis. Have been there too much. Dakota is in a dire situation right now, he has to see a Cardiologist this Monday and my cat has to have an abdominal ultrasound this Tuesday……I wasn’t pleased at the emergency vet that we had to wait outside where it was boiling hot………they seemed more into getting their money than my dog. My regular Vet has been fine because they are dealing with so much and at least I know they love my animals.


    1. Thank you Caren! Everyone has been so nice to tried so hard to make us comfortable with all of the extra precautions. It’s never easy dealing with an emergency. My thoughts are with you and Dakota, I hope things turn around for him.


  3. keeping you all in my heart! sammy’s allergies and his o.c.d. had us at our vet early on. our visit was done completely outdoors on a warm day, no harm nor foul. in two weeks we see the groomer, that’ll be interesting! stay well!


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