National Lobster Day!

I grew up in New England, and lobsters were present at our table multiple times a year.

My preference was always soft shell because I love to rip into them using my hands without relying on cracking tools. Soft shell (available late summer, early fall) are typically only available in Massachusetts and Maine, they don’t transport well because they don’t survive as long out of the water. I really miss the ease of soft shell but since hard shell is the industry standard, I’ll take a lobster any way I can get it. I close my eyes at the prices I pay in the Midwest because I love them on the table for family celebrations, Christmas Eve and just when I get a craving.2ciO9F2vTdqQKXdJd6kIlQ

So now, in honor of National Lobster Day, here are some fun pictures for your entertainment!

6 thoughts on “National Lobster Day!”

  1. my mom’s boyfriend (consummate fisherman) lobstered this summer & we’ve reaped the benefits! if you ever come out this way we’ll have a feast in your honor…(bigger if you bring the girls!) 😉🦞🐶


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