Rainy Day Swim

Thursday morning we woke up to pouring rain and a flooded yard. While the dogs like nothing better than wading through the standing mud puddles, I’m not a big fan when it’s time for them to come inside.

Instead of letting them frolic and play in the yard, I hurried them into the car and we set out for one of our favorite places, a pool set up just for dogs!

We all still got wet (even though I didn’t get in, it’s impossible to stay dry when they shake off), but at least they weren’t muddy as they worked off their excitement in the clean water!

We are really looking forward to beach weather, but until then, this pool is pretty darn good!

10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Swim”

    1. We seem to like the same things, he also trained at the same training facility! We may have to start going to the beach in the city that he goes to, Maisie and I walked by our beach today and it is completely under water. Hopefully the lake level will go down this summer but it’s never been this high before. Very sad for us 😦

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  1. look like a blast. We have one around here, also, though we’ve never been. Apparently a lot of the doc diving dogs go and practice. I hope you have a super dryer to blow them off……seems they stay wet for days.

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    1. It is really fun! She teaches dock diving as well and is helping Winn get confident jumping off of the deck. Hopefully when she’s ready for Water Rescue Dog tasks she won’t have a problem jumping off of the boat. We are also doing some training for Water Dog, we are working toward that goal for this summer.

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