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Have you ever had a pet get stuck in something?  Maisie has locked herself in the bathroom a couple of times, but that’s not really what I saw last night. The closest comparison would be the time my son got his head stuck between two spindles of the staircase when he was about 2 years old.

While the dogs were eating their dinner I had my back to them and was fixing something for myself. I heard one of the stools get shoved into the kitchen island which isn’t really unusual.  They get pushed around when the dogs are sniffing around on the floor looking for any remnants that may have been enthusiastically flung out of their bowl.

This time was different.  I saw the stool get bashed into the island and then quickly bang into the kitchen cabinets.  I got closer to investigate and there was Annie, wedged between the stool legs and panic was setting in. She started bucking  and I quickly grabbed the stool so that hopefully she could walk through it before she hurt herself. It all happened so fast and I’m not really sure where all of her legs were but the stool was snugly wrapped around her middle.  I was able to slide the stool down her back and lay it on the floor behind her.  I tried to guide her hind legs over and out of the center of the stool but she just stood there like a statue.  I know this posture, this is how she gets when she’s scared and there is no moving her if she isn’t  willing. I talked to her softly and then she started moving her right leg.  On the 3rd attempt she lifted it high enough to clear the bottom rung and was able to step away from the stool.  She was free from of her crazy predicament!

Sweet Annie, there’s never a dull moment with her!img_4501