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IMG_0005In July 2002 we moved into our current home.  As I sat on my front porch I would see this big beautiful black dog on her daily walk.  I was mesmerized and wanted to know more.  Surprisingly,  I noticed 2 other Newfoundlands in the neighborhood and this started my love of the Newfoundland Dog.  A few months later I received my first Newfie, a gorgeous black girl named Bailey.  She’s no longer with us but now we have Maisie, Annie and Winn.  We’ve raised our two kids in this old house that my husband and I have painstakingly restored. We have shared our family life with our pets, sometimes tracking dust throughout and rubbing up against fresh paint.  Dog hair and foot prints have been an integral part of our renovation, so stories will include the dogs, the kids and an occasional home renovation project.

a shared life with our very large dogs

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