Glossary of terms

Drank and drip: causes slipping hazards or the ruination of a clean outfit.

Newfie Lunge: a good exercise that always takes place in the kitchen.

Newfie Punch:  forcefully using the front leg and paw to gain attention, either in play or to express opinion.

Newfoundland Bridge: 2 or more Newfies laying so close together that a detour must be taken. Crossing the Newfoundland Bridge has been known to cause injury (to the humans).

Playing hockey: placing the front paw into a food or water bowl and sliding it around the room, usually to show displeasure that the bowl is empty.

Pushy-shovey: placing the nose under an elbow or object and lifting aggressively in order to get attention. (#1 Laptop hazard).

Sharknado: putting the front paws into the water bowl and quickly digging to the bottom to displace as much water as possible. Favorite activity of most puppies.

Sling: drool that travels with a head shake, either around the snout or across the room.

Snake leg: wrapping the front paw around a humans ankle and giving a good pull.

Tagging up: returning to the crate to regroup.

a shared life with our very large dogs

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