Easy frozen dog treats for a hot day

Here it is, the end of July, and the whole country seems to be suffering from a heat wave.

The dogs are hot, I’m hot, everyone is hot. It’s time to start being creative on how to keep cool.

Winn loves the baby pool filled with water. She dunks for toys and carrots and instantly cools off but when it’s this hot, I don’t even like her outside for that. I keep Maisie and Winn inside with the air-conditioning, fans blowing to keep the air circulating and cooling pads in their crates to lie on when I have to leave the house.

Each summer, I have stocked the freezer with frozen treats made with fruit and yogurt. I used to fill ice cream cups and give them to the dogs in the house. They would hold them in their paws and lick them til they were gone. It was usually a no mess way to give them a special treat.

Maisie is very dainty with her ice cream, taking her time and savoring it slowly. Winn, not so much.

Winn is the first dog I’ve had that has tried to eat the ice cream and cup all at once. She always seems worried that Maisie is getting more than she is so she races through whatever I give her and stands eagerly waiting for more.

A tale of two dogs: one eats everything and the other is more reasonable.

This summer, after pulling a mangled cup out of the back of Winn’s mouth, I came to the conclusion that she can’t be trusted with anything that isn’t fully edible.

I found these cute silicone trays on Amazon and I’m able to pop out a treat for each without worrying that Winn will choke on the paper cup.

I filled these half way with some ground up watermelon and then froze them. Once frozen, I topped them off with some all natural, unsweetened yogurt and put them back in the freezer. Easy, peasy frozen treats ready to go!

Other combinations I’ve used in the past: yogurt, banana and peanut butter is always a favorite; plain yogurt mixed with fresh berries, pumpkin puree or just watermelon and nothing else.

Everyone loves a frozen treat on a hot day!

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