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We live in Evanston, IL which we think is a perfect location!  The border to the south is the city of Chicago and the border to the east is Lake Michigan.  The majority of the lakefront is open to the public with a walking trail, parks and beaches. We spend a lot of time there, all year round. The beginning of our walk always starts on the south end and we walk past two beaches, kayak and sailing racks and a playground.

The mid-point of our walk up the path brings us to a beautiful duck pond, the motorized boat launch and our favorite place on earth, the Dog Beach!


If we don’t stop at the dog beach (a decision we never agree with), we find ourselves on the beautiful Northwestern University campus.  It has its own beach and sailing center as well as many spots to stop and enjoy the Chicago skyline.

If you ever find yourself in Evanston, we would love to show you all of our favorite places!

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9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: tour guide”

    1. They go to Montrose Beach which is in Chicago–about a 20 minute drive–and is much more crowded (especially in the summer). We love his pictures and had our photo shoot near there and it’s lovely but we like a less crowded beach that we can walk to!

  1. I was born right there. I lived with my grandparents the first 2 and 1/2 years of my life just 6 blocks from the lake. Visited often until my teens. I went back to see the house in the early 1990’s and of course, a lot had changed…but the house was intact. A brave (or brazen) knock on the door and I got to have a tour!

    I wish we had dogs back then….

      1. I wish I could remember that address. And no one is left now but me so don’t know who to ask. I want to say it was a numbered street or maybe had a tree name, like Elm or something. It was on a corner. Old even then. 2 stories. That’s about it.

        Sure is a small world.

        Love following your “family”.

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