Part of being a pet owner is turning your heart over to your furry friend, knowing that it will break when you have to say goodbye.  There is never enough time with our pets, and very often, when the dull ache in our chest and the tears are still fresh, we do it all over again.  We are willing to put our hearts on the line because we know it is worth it. The joy, the mischief, the mess and everything in between are rewarded with powerful, unconditional love.

We’ve made many friends through social media and even though we’ve never met, we’ve gotten very attached to our doggy friends.  We share our stories, our triumphs, our funny moments and our sad moments.  This year, as our circle has expanded, so has our heartache as we learn of the losses.  Some lived nice long lives and some didn’t get that chance,  but we miss seeing the antics of Winston, Charlie, Lenny, Larry, Stella, Sirius, Kipper, Atia, Cash, Peggy and so many others.

Recently, it feels like I’ve given condolences over and over.  It’s so hard, it’s always too soon, but certainly, the hardest are the ones that leave unexpectedly when they are still young.  One day they are healthy and present and the next they are gone.  In the last few months this has happened to three special Newfies that I knew and loved.  It hurts, it hurts a lot and probably always will.  Iggy, we still look for you on the beach.  Rio, you were Annie’s very best boyfriend and a huge force in her recovery.  Arleen, you are irreplaceable, but the gift of your beauty, temperament and spirit lives on. We would give anything for more time with all of you.

getting ready for her draft test, photo by her best friend

5 thoughts on “Heartache”

  1. The loss of a fur-iend is particularly hard and leaves such a hollow spot in our hearts. So sorry for your losses. May the tender moments you shared together provide some measure of comfort in your’s and other’s loss. 💔

  2. So sorry for your losses Kristin, it always feels as if their time with us is so short and so full of love. It is such a gift to share part of the journey with our fur friends and the memories are treasured forever. Sending a big hug across the miles from all of us here and please pass our best wishes to your friends too 💞💞

  3. I can’t push the ‘like’ button. Because it’s all so sad. It DOES seem like lately I’ve been seeing so many sick and gone shelties on the sheltie Facebook pages. Over and over, several a day it seems. Maybe it’s always been this way, and now that I have so many sheltie friends it’s inevitable. But it is overwhelming. I’m sorry about your recent three losses. All dogs are wonderful and I wish they could all live forever.

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