What are sisters for?


To share their wisdom of course!


“A well dug hole feels great on the belly.” Winn missed the part that it should be in a cool corner somewhere, preferably behind a bush.  Holes in the middle of the yard get filled in so that no one falls in and breaks an ankle.IMG_2941.jpgIMG_5079“If you wait till they leave the room, you might find something yummy lying around”IMG_3340.jpgIMG_2998.jpg“Mealtime is the best time of day!”IMG_2972.jpg



“The beach is the best place on earth!”IMG_2728.jpgIMG_3046“This is how we run with the pack.”IMG_3037IMG_3036“After the beach, we get a bath.” and “When the hair dryer turns on, we get treats!”IMG_3058IMG_3064IMG_3085

3 thoughts on “What are sisters for?”

    1. too long! I am saving my $$ for the K-9 III to hopefully speed up the process. Right now to get them fully dry it’s about 45-60 min. each. Most of the time I dry them fully under on their neck and about 3/4 every where else which takes 30-45 min.

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  1. You guys look like you had a fun time at the beach! Thanks for the good advice too! My furbrother Keiko doesn’t really give me any advice…He’s more interested in enjoying our patio!

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