Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Annie!

One year ago, you came into our lives and so much has changed since that cold, January day.

It was not easy for you, during the previous year you had moved 4 times.  You were rescued from the only home you knew.  It was a terrible place that failed you in so many ways, but the future was scary and unknown.  You were taken to a temporary foster kennel until your foster placement was found.  You were with your foster family for several months before you were adopted but your needs were more than that family could handle so you were returned to your foster pack. On January 31st, we found each other and started down a new path together.

It took a while for you to trust us.  I don’t blame you, you were 9 1/2 and it was really hard for you to shed your fears and memories.  I wasn’t sure that you would ever bond with us, but I was OK with that, I just wanted to show you that you were worthy of the love that every dog should know.

Slowly, very slowly you have let me in.  You search me out and join me in different rooms in our home.  You trust that you are safe with me when we leave the house.  You show your personality which is very silly and you are so affectionate. You love food and treats so much, you seem to never get enough. You talk to me, almost every day.

You have changed our lives, filled our hearts and honored us by choosing us to be your family.

Annie, I promise you this, just as I did with Thomas and Abigail while they were growing up, I say this to you:

When you are nervous, I gotcha.

When you want to change directions because someone is walking towards us, I gotcha.

When you have a belly ache because you ate a whole loaf of bread you found on the counter, I gotcha.

When you howl at me to wish me good morning or are telling me that yes, you want to go for a walk, I gotcha.

When you are feeling unsure at your Dr.’s office, I gotcha.

When you are so hungry for dinner, you start dancing around, I gotcha.

For all those moments we share, fun, scary or otherwise, I gotcha.

Until we say goodbye, I gotcha Annie, I gotcha.img_4487





15 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Annie!”

  1. I have been following your blog for quite a while and I read this with tears streaming down my face. I was one of the transports that rescued Annie and the others from those horrific conditions. For all you have done for her..I THANK YOU!!! Happy Gotcha Day to both of you.

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    1. Thank you for your part in her journey, and all of the others that were with her. It is a very large circle of people who have given them new lives. In many ways, she has rescued me as we meet each day, side by side. I can’t imagine my day without her.


  2. my grandmother had a saying “there’s a lid for every pot” (she’d tell me this when i bemoaned ever meeting mr. right) that’s how i look at you & annie, you were meant to be together. Happy gotcha day to you both!

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  3. Although I’m smiling at your photo and all the progress Annie made since being rescued, this last post also made me cry. You wrote Annie’s story so beautifully and took care of her with such love and patience. Her last days were filled with confidence and Im sure she knew she that counting on you to ease her anxieties was a safe bet. Thank you for your advocacy for this special big girl. My heart is broken she’s gone but feel relief that you and your family made her life pleasant in the end with all your love.

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