Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizons

A new horizon for Annie this year is learning to love winter. 2 years ago Annie and 43 other Newfoundlands were surrendered to rescue at the peak of brutal winter conditions in the midwest.  They were living outdoors with no heated shelter, no fresh water and minimal food.  For Annie and the others, winter was something to be survived, snow was the only thing available to quench her thirst.  She now has dry-eye which requires twice daily drops for the rest of her life as a result of being so dehydrated at the time of her rescue.

That first winter after her rescue, she learned to appreciate a warm place to sleep, fresh water, regular feedings and was exposed to kind, loving, constant attention for the first time.  She had difficulty trusting that it would last and she protected herself from becoming too attached to this new place.  Last winter we adopted her and that transition was very difficult for her.  She was taken from the only nice place she had known and was terrified about what that would mean for her future.  It was cold and snowy when we brought her home and she didn’t like going outside.  She hated going outside after dark and I would walk along beside her in our yard while she searched for a place to go potty.  I think she feared she would be left outside again and always ran quickly to the door once her business was done.

Typically when the temperature drops the energy level of a Newfie spikes.  Maisie has always loved the snow and we have a hard time getting her to come inside.  She loves to run in it, stick her nose in it and lie in it.  After the first snowfall this year, Annie actually showed a little excitement.  She is now confident in her home with us and no longer has to worry about surviving the winter! She doesn’t play with Maisie very often and she usually makes efforts to get away from her as quickly as possible.  This week we got a few inches of snow and for the first time ever, Annie initiated play with Maisie.  She was actually running and jumping in the snow! Her new horizon is loving winter, loving life!


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