Our Christmas photoshoot

It seems like such a good idea but getting the perfect shot of one dog is difficult, two dogs is nearly impossible.  Maisie will sit and stay, but she pouts.  She doesn’t want to be fussed with and doesn’t like new things.  Annie now knows how to sit on command, but she won’t stay.  I have to keep my hand on her and then quickly pull away before she gets up and walks towards me.  I love that she wants to be right next to me but it makes taking a good picture really difficult!  I have had to sit down in front of her and then try to pull my legs in and lean as far back as possible to take her picture before she decides she must be closer and I end up with her standing over me and breathing in my face.  Trying to get one good picture for our Christmas card has been a challenge, but the outtakes have proven to be just as fun and actually show their personalities pretty accurately.  Enjoy!

The wrangling:

Unhappy face:

Sweet face:

Maisie decided to wear her wreath like a tutu:img_3853

Giving me attitude:

About ready to give up and splice two together

These are fun but still not THE one:

It’s not perfect, but this one might be the one, I’ll decide tomorrow. It’s not fussy and just seems more natural.  After all, they are dogs who love the snow and they both look happy!img_3585

10 thoughts on “Our Christmas photoshoot”

  1. I think that they’re all great! I can relate to your struggles though! Just yesterday I was trying to get a few pictures of Sherman and Leroy sat down right in front of him and wouldn’t move! Ugh!


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