Weekly photo challenge: relax

At first glance, it’s probably hard to tell what this is but it is actually monumental.  Annie was a breeder dog and came from a horrible place.  It took her months to learn to relax with us and her safety place has always been her crate.  She has never rolled over for a belly rub and doesn’t really like it when I try to rub her belly.  I think she had so many years of puppies going after her belly that for her, having it left alone and protecting it is the ultimate luxury.  I didn’t think it would ever happen, but in the last couple of weeks while she is in her crate she has started to make attempts to roll over.  It starts with her rubbing her face in the bumper of her bed, then she pounds her back feet against the rear wall and starts the process of rolling over.  This was the first time she was actually successful and held it for more than a few seconds.  This to me is the biggest sign that she can finally relax and feel safe.img_3543

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