The healing power of sports

During this season of bitterly divisive politics, what a relief it was to experience the joy of watching this young team of incredibly talented athletes win the world series.

108 years of waiting for it to happen in the 10th inning with 8 runs. It was a hard fought battle for both teams and could have gone either way, all the way up to the very last out. People of all ages, races, religions and yes, even political affiliations gathered to embrace this moment with pure joy, enthusiasm and celebration.  The streets around Wrigley Field have been packed for days with fans making the pilgrimage down there to take pictures and soak up all of the excitement.  5 million people showed up Friday for the Cubs victory parade and rally.  5 million people!  That sets the record for the largest human gathering in the United States!

There have been so many wonderful stories of tributes to relatives that didn’t live long enough to see this day.  Boxes of chalk materialized by the outside brick walls of the bleachers and names and messages are scrawled all over it in remembrance of friends and family members.

Budweiser put together this incredible tribute to the late, great Harry Caray who was the voice of the Cubs and an unforgetable leader of the 7th inning stretch.  Holy Cow Harry, they did it!


Harry Caray’s statue with some green apples.  Good bye someday!

4 thoughts on “The healing power of sports”

  1. A long, long wait, an ivy-covered stadium, a drawn out and rain soaked game, a tense political season, and steadfast fans who never stopped loving a believing— I’d say the universe played this one for maximum effect. Maybe the sweetest victory that sports will ever know!

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